About Dilih Brands

Welcome to Dilih - a San Francisco, CA based brand, on a mission to revolutionize your restroom experience everywhere with our cutting-edge odor-eliminating toilet remedies.

Here's our story:

Why We Started:

Dates, Dinner Parties, Hotel Rooms

Our journey began with a simple realization—unpleasant odors can disrupt the most intimate moments, whether it's a romantic date, a lively dinner party, or a relaxing stay at a hotel. We understood the need for a discreet, portable solution that could transform any restroom into an oasis of freshness.


Imagine being on a date and worrying about unpleasant bathroom odors ruining the mood. We wanted to create a product that would give individuals the confidence to focus on the connection without any embarrassing distractions.

Dinner Parties:

Hosting a dinner party is all about creating a welcoming atmosphere. Unpleasant restroom odors can quickly undermine the effort you put into your home. Our journey began with the vision of providing hosts and hostesses with a convenient way to ensure their guests' comfort.

Hotel Rooms:

Traveling should be a comfortable and enjoyable experience. Hotel rooms, while luxurious, sometimes fall short in maintaining a fresh restroom environment. We set out to address this by offering a solution that is both effective and discreet.

Why Our Product is Differentiated:

Portability, Discretion, Odor Reduction

At Dilih, we take pride in the unique features that set our odor-eliminating toilet remedies apart:


Our remedies are designed for those on the go. Compact and easy to carry, they fit seamlessly into your pocket or purse. Whether you're traveling, at work, or out for a special occasion, you can count on the convenience of Dilih Toilet Remedy.


We understand the importance of privacy. Our discreet brand and packaging ensures that you can use our product confidently, without drawing attention to it. Your restroom experience should be yours alone, and our branding reflects our commitment to discretion.

Odor Reduction:

Our advanced formula doesn't just mask odors—it eliminates them at the source. We've invested in research and development to create a product that leaves your restroom nearly odor free - just a hint of freshness.

Join us on our mission to redefine restroom experiences. Choose Dilih for a discreet, portable, and effective solution to eliminate unwanted odors. Because everyone deserves a restroom experience that is fresh and worry-free, anywhere and everywhere.