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Dilih Toilet Tablets | Luxury Air Freshener | Eucalyptus

Dilih Toilet Tablets | Luxury Air Freshener | Eucalyptus

Tame your lingering bathroom odors anywhere, discreetly. Adds a hint of eucalyptus for the final touch. Try the remedy today!

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Discover Dilih Toilet Tablets, the ultimate solution to eliminate any bathroom odor you may leave behind, wherever you are.

Our air freshening toilet tablet is perfect for shared restrooms or on-the-go freshness where odor eliminating sprays aren't readily available or as effective, these air fresheners dissolve quickly, leaving no trace behind.

Simply dissolve a tablet in the toilet and watch as it works its magic in just 10 seconds. Say goodbye to embarrassing bathroom smells with the best bathroom air freshener on the market. Each box includes fresheners and easy-to-follow instructions for maximum convenience.

Try Dilih Toilet Tablets today and experience portable air freshness wherever you go.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
10/10 Will Buy Again

My girlfriend used to call me "stinky butt" because of the way the bathroom smelled after I left. 1 week after using Dilih and she said to me, unprompted, "have you not been pooping in our bathroom? It hasn't smelled bad in awhile"


They don’t work

Will C.
Works but instructions unclear

Tablet totally works. It's small, fits in my pocket, I bring it to dinners etc. Great. But my friends don't know how to use them until I tell them. Like you don't have to wait for it to fully dissolve because it dissolves slowly. Definitely gets rid of the smell though!

Discreet and effective!

Love that I can keep this in my purse for whenever I need, wherever I need. We also keep them in a ceramic bowl in our bathroom for guests, the best product I’ve found!

Stink repellent, works like a charm

As a guy with lactose intolerance that has recently moved in with his girlfriend, this has caused a noticeable increase to my life. No longer are stinky 💩s a divisive topic of conversation or a daily detriment in my life. DILIH is worth the investment and some.